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Dave Payne Sr.

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Elk River Harmonicas
My harp playing
Parkersburg News and Sentinel
My outdoors columns and blog ...
My old mandolin, playing Bill Monroe's Last Days on Earth ...
Elk River Harmonicas
Seydel circular description ...
About: Bold
Location: Elkview, West Virginia, Appalachian Mountains, United States
Professional Status: Business owner
Looking For: Employment, business contacts
Occupation: Writer, harmonica salesman and customizer
Skills: I'm an award-winning journalist with a passion for music, nature and creating things. I've been in either journalism or public relations for 14 years, but within the last two years I've decided that I am going to make my living with the harmonica, an instrument I love. I love talking about them, making them and playing them.

I grew up on the banks of the Elk River in rural Kanawha County, West Virginia.
I started playing harmonica at the age of five, when I was home from school sick and my dad bought me a Hohner Pocket Pal (still have it) to keep my busy. I was playing seriously by the time I was 12. I played saxophone in the school band, hated the instrument, but fortunate for the experience since I learned to read music there.

I also can read German, with some refresher I could speak it again. I took German classes all through high school and college and studied in Austria and Germany. Would love nothing more than to go back there someday.

B.A. degrees in Writing and History, Golden Horseshoe Award, an award for investigative journalism from the West Virginia Press Association.
Relationship Status: Married
Smoking: Non-Smoker
Hobbies & Interests: For me, the harmonica is growing beyond a hobby, but it was my first hobby and one I've kept all my life.
I also enjoy nature photography, especially black and white. I used to shoot with a twin-lens Mamiya C-3, medium format, processed my own film in a makeshift home darkroom. I believe there is no better B&W film than Kodak Plus X.

If any hobby has gone as far back as the harmonica for me, it is history. I've always been fascinated by it. That's one reason I've thrown in with Seydel harmonicas, it not only the world's oldest harmonica company, it continues to make harmonicas much the same way it did in the late 1800s, when craftsmanship still meant something.

I come from a long line of mandolin players. My grandfather plays a Gibson F5 and is the best I've heard. My father plays one, as do I.

I also make longbows. I've worked mostly with black locust, my favorite bow is a 72-inch English-style longbow of black locust I made several years ago. It is very smooth-shooting. I used to shoot competitively, but have had little time for that in recent years.
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