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Real Pahadi

About: The Food Clicker is a blog based on food, travel, photography, and tourism in Uttarakhand. This blog also gives chance to the new writers and poets to share their books and poems. Since when I was studying I always wanted to travel places, try different variety of food and click beautiful pictures. But that time I was not able to live my dream. But one day I thought that I want a creative break from my stressful office life. That day I decided to start my own blog. My great passion towards travelling, best photography skills and love for food inspired me to create my own blog. Earlier whenever I used to go to the restaurant with my friends I used to click pictures of the food before eating. Then my friends used to tease me for that. From there I got the name for my blog i.e. “The Food Clicker”.
Message: Hi i'm The Food Clicker a Candid Photographer / Editor / Cinematography, and now a self declared, foodie, Blogger, Reader, and also Real Pahadi for more information visit my site:-
Information: Promoting Pahadi Culture

Real Pahadi is basically about the person who lives in the hilly area and does something different from other people. In my website I will tell stories about Real Paharis. I will also promote pahadi organic food and pahadi lifestyle. I will also provide you the best landscape photography of Pahadi areas.
My only aim is to provide the best photography of Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand is a state which provides unlimited tourism and adventure. Uttarakhand is a place from where no one can go empty handed. There are so many things for everyone like temples, wildlife tours, rafting, mountaineering, trekking, yoga, meditation and much more. My one and only attempt is to cover all these things in my blog. In other words I can also say that Uttarakhand is like heaven on earth.
Location: Delhi, Delhi, India
Home Location: Delhi, Delhi, India
Professional Status: Self-employed
Looking For: People to employ
Occupation: Blogger
Age: 26
Interested In: Women
Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Shared interests
Height: 5'11" (180 cm)
Smoking: Smoker
Religion: Non Religious
Hobbies & Interests: Blogger, Photography, Book, food, travel
Favorite Music: Rock and Roll
Favorite TV: Real Pahadi
Screen Names: (AIM)
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